The search for quality raw materials, the direct cultivation of our vegetables and fresh homemade pasta are important pillars of our history.

Tradition and innovation cross in the cuisine of Maurizio & Luca, creating a combination of flavours that will be difficult to forget and that we invite you to discover in our menu.



The roots remind us where we come from, this is what these dishes represent for us, we inherited them from dad Gianni in his years at the Yeti restaurant and we take them everywhere.

Lardo Sarrolein
Our Cocotte


  • Lardo Sarrolein € 13.00

    with chestnuts with alpine butter and black bread.

  • Cheeses and cold cuts from Aosta Valley € 21.00

    selection served with honey and homemade jams.


  • Valpellinentze Soup € 12.00

    with cabbage, bread, and Fontina DOP cheese.

  • Aosta Valley typical Pancakes € 12.00

    with ham and Fontina DOP cheese.

  • Cheese Polenta € 12.00

    stone-ground with Fontina DOP cheese.

main courses

  • Stewed Deer* € 16.00

    cooked in Petit Rouge wine and served with stone-ground polenta.

  • Traditional Beef Escalope € 17.00

    with Saint-Oyen ham and Fontina DOP cheese.



Instants made up of dishes imagined and created following the seasonality of the products, our ideas and our emotions.

Homemade Ravioli


  • Morgex trout marinated € 14.00

    vegetables and sour cream

  • Beetroot raviolo € 13.00

    with tomino cheese and pea shoots

  • Grilled veal tongue € 14.00

    basil cream, red sauce and puff pastry cereals

  • Asparagus flan € 14.00

    with egg at 65° and hollandaise sauce

  • Beef tartare € 14.00

    with Porto sauce and egg foam


main courses

  • Sliced Venison Steak* € 20.00

    with berry sauce * and stewed leeks

  • Pork tenderloin € 19.00

    with purple cabbage and grilled onions

  • Stuffed rabbit € 18.00

    with dried fruit, pumpkin and potatoes mash

  • Potatoes and Fontina cheese croquettes € 16.00

    with chicory and strawberry cream

  • Croaker € 22.00

    with tomato water, burrata cheese foam and little braised vegetables

Cover, bread and breadsticks are included in the price.

°° Products prepared on site and subjected to temperature reduction or killed at the origin Dishes marked with (*) could be prepared with matter first frozen or deep-frozen at the origin depending on the availability of the products Information about the presence of substances or products that cause allergies or intolerances is available by contacting the staff on duty.

We have a a la carte menu with GLUTEN-FREE dishes, ask our staff

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