Maurizio, Katia and Corrado are friends, colleagues but above all dreamers … The idea of Cokotte was born at the beginning of 2021 with a great desire to bring their ideas and peculiarities “to the city”.

Maurizio is the soul of the kitchen with a various work experiences behind him in the kitchens of Garda Lake and Monferrato, he arrives in Pila in 2009 where he decides to stop.

Katia grew up among the tables of the family restaurant, the Yeti, and it is there that she still loves to be, between the tables, taking care of customers and talking about wine.

Corrado is passionate about beverage, cocktails and beers, he manage a nightclub in partnership with friends before jumping into the world of food and restaurant but his favorite place remains the one behind the counter.



The location is reserved but easy to reach, quiet but very near the city.

We thought of every detail that could create a pleasant atmosphere and also remind us of our beloved mountains that surround us.

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